Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Recent offline sale of original watercolor nature paintings - framed custom

Well, online sale is something and offline or in person sale is unique as well. Recently my friend Ashish asked whether I have any of father's nature paintings left in stock. He is special liking for nature and landscape paintings and post his home coloring project his next task at hand was to start working on beautifying the walls with paintings of his choice.

I indeed had couple of antique looking (handmade paper based) and old styled water color based landscape paintings with two figures in each. In one, there are two children and in other there is a couple. Both are by sea side, with beautiful setup and light colors.

I got them matted for him and also framed as per his choice, and finally the order was completed, I had great joy within me, that my father's paintings are now on their way to my friend's place and will be cherished forever there.

I am attaching the pictures herewith.

Well, offline sales are interesting too, hope more continues from within India. I have a great stock, contact if interested in seeing and /or ordering.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Artist's corner- Shilpa Mehta

At Creations- The Art Shop, we are a small cohesive team with artistic interests and I would like to introduce you to Shilpa Mehta, who in her own words describes herself as -

"I'm a freelance artist. I've developed this very skill during school days. I chose engineering as my career option. Have been doing great in this field but, missed the creative work done during school time. As I realized my passion, I started working as a freelance artist. I believe life is a canvas and emotions are the paint. In the very light I paint what my heart says.

I admire Indian beauty and culture. My paintings are inspired by religion, traditions and nature. You will see mercy of god, emotions of women, beauty of nature simply made using different techniques of art. Looking for appreciation and suggestion".

I see unique extravaganza of colors and figures and features in her art.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Ganesh (Ganesha) Chaturthi , Elephant God Festival Celebration in India and across the world

With upcoming festival of lord of wisdom, our dear elephant god, Ganesha whom several people across the world worship and admire for its virtues, let me wish you all happy festive times. My father particularly had such a strong hold and fine brush with Ganesha paintings. Of course he did several other arts as well, such as other folk art paintings, nature paintings, abstract, at the same time I think Ganesha paintings were so nature of him.

In his abscence, I am part of close team of artists who paint in their own great style and we have several new works. Hope the watchers and shoppers of my shop will love those as well. Visit Lod Ganesha section of my artshop at or follow the shop link on the right side of this blog.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Volcano - Abstract Large Canvas Painting

Here is the first painting listed for artist Raghuvir Kulkarni (read previous blog post for his professional details ) and it's stunning in my opinion. I am sure the shoppers and viewers will like it for the triangular shaped theme it is based on, plus beutiful set of colors that would do so well as abstract artwork. Please check the artwork picture here...

And the details of the listing here at ..


Artist's corner for Raghuvir Kulkarni

I am really pleased to introduce you to our new artist, Raghuvir Kulkarni who has have extremely high range of experience in creative field. He has completed studies in art from very prestiged art institute J.J. school of art, Mumbai, way back in 1975. He has vast range of experience working or art agencies, has also worked in the capacity of creative director, cine director, playrights, cartoonist, writer and poet and last but not the least artist who paints with brilliant concepts, be it on canvas, paper, be it for murals, for large walls...whatever I write in this blog post will still be limited by all means. And I think his works on my art shop will speak for itself, we also accept custom orders with specific requirements.

Just a small highlight on his career as gifted artist-

- Has worked with corporate customers for his paintings and mural work, within India and for a few internationally.
- Has worked as cine director for full length film in Hindi titled Mohare, with well-known Indian movie actors - Nana Patekar, Madhuri Dixit and Anupam Kher.
- Had worked as creative director for Videocon for some time during career.
- Had written full length plays in Marathi
- Has participated in the international comic strip festival held in Siere, Switzerland 1987.

Along with me, please look forward to stop by and shop by my shop for his innovative art-works, be it abstract paintings, be it based on concepts such as set of paintings for film production and many many more.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Remembering my father- with this Energy Symbol Om (Aum) Original Painting

It is just a few months father, you have left this wordly world and while I do list his beautiful paintings with fond remembrance, I do miss him a lot. This energy symbol painted by dad indeed depicts endless cosmic energy, that just flows from one form into another and never really gets destroyed. Several meditation practises suggest the practitioners to focus on something peaceful, a symbol or an image in mind. This om (aum) symbol does provide such a 'object' for meditation session. Of course as all our works are, it's a vibrant home decor, wall art work. Check more details at my shop

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happening Sydney Opera House

In this photography work, I have tried to maximize the crystal clear beautiful Sydney Opera House, on one of those bright and sunny days, with blue skies and equally beautiful blue ocean surrounding the world famous landmark structure. I loved the walk along, as I mentioned in my previous post, and also the lively cafes nearby and the delight on people's faces as they see this landscape and immerse themselves into it. Well needless to say, the performance inside are also equally stunning. I watched sitar concert by world famous Anoushka Sharma, in the main concert hall of the Opera House. It was an experience. Hope u will enjoy this photograph as part of my urban photography series-

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sydney Opera House On My Mind...

Even after visiting this lively place for several sevaral times, I am unsatisfied, there is always some new thing to see, some new photograph to be taken, there is some new thing to be enjoyed, and well last but not the least some new shopping to be done :-)

The moment one gets off the Citirail train at Circular Queue station located in the heart of the Sydney CBD, the wind from Opera House can be felt, fresh breeze with lots of wharfs around waiting for the cruises and ferries to depart or arrive, make the walk to Opera House a refreshing start. In about 10 minutes you reach the world famous Opera House, an architectural masterpiece and home for world famous performing arts. You see it at different times of the day, you get different perspectives of this beautiful work.

The photograph I have displayed in this blog, is one of the vintage or classic style colored and yes, it is just one view of the lotus leaves that make Opera House, THE Opera House.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Folk art as what it means to me

To me it is just simple and beautiful form of art, or rather simple and hence beautiful form of art. Be it from anywhere across the world, folk art cherishes simple things, simple joys that life brings to us, such as countryside, nature, love, friendship, freedom, cheerfulness, animals, villages, children, especially human beings are in simplified form from what I have seen. What I mean by this is, human beings may not carry ALL the expressions or all the body parts, but just some strokes that depict the forms. Still they carry unbelievably strong messages.

Like what my father portreyed in this picture (original painting)

it depicts simple scene where in the girl is setting this bird free. I love it for its simplicity, I am sure you also will.

For exact artwork specs, visit

For more works, visit my shop home page at

Thanks for reading my blog post.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

On world environment day

Today is WED (world environment day) and I am wondering what I have done for saving the world and environment. I myself have stopped using plastic bags, I use cotton bags instead as much as I can. I do walk and see if drive is really necessary. I have myself platted a few trees. But yes that is not enough at all. I have done my bits only, just that I want to remind myself of some of my commitments towards the initiatives for world environment saving and preserving. I would like to display through this blog post, this beautiful artwork my father created, which is named "Go Green". Save forests, save trees, avoid using materials that are harmful to environment such as plastic, support recycling efforts. By the way that reminds me, I do use recycled material made envelopes for my shipments of my art shop orders. So not too bad..See the beautiful work by my dad in the meantime, at

and the image is also attached herewith.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy to be part of Photographers of Etsy - POE Team

With several of fine art photographs from my shop selected as part of etsy treasuries, I decided it's time to be part of this wonderful group and gladly I am accepted there and it's such an exciting group. People with true passion of photography, discussing and helping each other grow the passion further and improve upon as a team. I myself have in my shop by now, a great set of photo works which can be enlarged to a very good extent as custom request. I have kept generally a standard size 8 x 10 for all the works by default. I am also fond of several other photographers of etsy here that have been into photography for indeed long and have improvised their skills very well. I myself have been fond of photography as such since childhood. In those days it was all analog (non digital) and one would be watchful of expenses incurred on the photos as they are turned colored from their negatives. I also remember all my childhood photographs (thousands of them) which were taken by my father who himself was artist. I think I still love black and white at the core of my heart, at the same time colors have such a huge role to play in our lives. It is just that black and white photographs (I do have a few of them so far and many others to be added) look antique and they have vintage value. Plus I am sure, like I am fond of black and white as well in the world of colors, there are several art collectors as well who are indeed focussing only on black and white works. So with that let me take time to remember my father who first taught me photography through his actions and his passion, through the work he has created since my childhood (and I know his first camera costed him Rs 150 that is ~3 USD by now) and he helped me develop an eye for art and photography, a gift to be cherished forever.

At the moment, I have listed some of my most treasured works, Himalaya and Kashmir landscape and around photographs for sale. Check those at

I will write more about my Kashmir trip (done in 2006) very soon. Check more photo works on my shop . More new arrivals soon.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shadow Photography

Watch out for this beautiful work on the shop, fine art shadow photography.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our shooting Star and Artist's corner for Vivek Kulkarni

While the internet space occupied by my father on this blog and art shop still remains, my father physically has transformed himself back into the universe where he came from, like a shooting star..He is in a whole new world now, he has gone so far that he cant come back to where he used to be..Like lyric'ed in the song "The whole new world", he perhaps says now, to us, that he is reaching unbelievable heights, seeing unbelievable sights, with indescribable feeling, through an endless diamond sky.

Let's start a brand new story now...with tributes from all of us, with my cousin Vivek Kulkarni, for whom my father was art inspiration himself, joining Creations-The Art Shop with vigour and energy that my father will see somewhere around the corner.

About Vivek, in his own words-

Is born with paint and brush
Illustrator of versatality from Pencil to Mouse and beyond
Gold medalist from JJ School of Art, Mumbai - where my father also studied from
Art director for more than 16 years
Travelled acros the world
Creativity is passion
And all I can say is all of that is true. Welcome aboard.

It's only words and words are all I have at the moment to take everything ahead. And at least with the words I choose to use, dealth is also beautiful.

Every Day- Stand Up For SOMETHING

Check this beautiful etsy treasury (guest curated online gallery) which is based on beautiful theme- "Stand Up": My Stand up meeting photograph work is selected out here amongst all other nice works which are based on the same concept. "NanaLoo", from etsy has put this up. Thanks to her. Coming to think of it, isn't it really true every day we get to face situations that demand we standing up for , voicing out for something we believe in, something we care for, something we want to save or something we want to make work?

In the Stand up meeting photo art from my shop, I tried emphasize the importance of saving time spent otherwise in endless unresourceful meetings at times, the same time can be saved through concept of daily "Stand up meetings" I have myself practised when it suited most. In here, the team exchanges quick status updates, issues if any and next steps/plans for the day. The very act of standing up makes team members think they need to finish precisely on time or in time and avoid spending time on un-required items or un-important items. Think about time saved together with this, in corporate status meetings? Perhaps same can be used for building huge next gen innovation. Just some thoughts. Now let us sit down and start off where we paused :-)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Black and White Buddha Art

Here is recent exclusive art by my dad, an illustration of Buddha in meditative pose. Hope you will like it as I like it too. Great art piece for those who love black and white, and it would look even more exclusive with framing. We provide framing option as well at reasonable costs. See the details of the listing at

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yoga Series Contains New Miniature Painting Sculpture Yoga Poses Now on My Etsy Shop

Some interesting clay (m-seal) work is ON at our etsy shop and here are few new items that represent new additions:

I have made sure that I mention some fundamental health benefits through the given Yoga pose, in the item description. Once framed, the artwork will look even more stunning. This series is of special importance to me and is my effort towards creating awareness on health and fitness front, inspire readers, shoppers to start or continue yoga, or any form of fitness measure in order to obtain best health, mental peace and contentment in their hearts. Goodluck with your fitness regime. Happy home decor or office decor or yoga studio decor and gifting. :-)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Price Increase - Justified

As I have announced on my etsy shop since last one week or more, I am taking the shop artwork and item prices through a revision, as I complete 2 years of the shop on 10th Feb 2011. It has indeed been an exciting journey for me with several learnings, joys of sales, shipping, feedbacks, improvisations with help of my family, friends and all artists associated directly indirectly. When there are several prices around that I pay for day to day items and I have no control on or get an explanation for price-increases, I feel even more stronger need to justify impending price increases to my customers. I very well am aware how as a buyer feels when the prices we are used to are higher than what we are used to.

Well in the end it is a supply chain isn't? It's a trade off between giving best quality product and service at best price and at the same time, earn enough profit so that your business sustains, grows and you can continue to provide your buyers better services, products with greater innovation and improvising upon quality in a continuous fashion.

With all said, fact is my (our) own supply costs are increasing, be it for example, the material cost for the artworks, usage of better packing material requires better packaging products, increased transportation costs from the time I started and many more. Plus all of us the fellow etsysellers do pay etsy commission as well as paypal commission and I am grateful to all these e-commerce entities involved including google by itself that helps with online purchases appealing despite being a 2D media for selling 3D objects.

Above all, there is value for creativity which is so hard to measure..but it still needs to be measured somehow, in order to be bought or sold. I believe in my own creativity, be it creative writing for products specs, be it photography of the art works and art supplies, be it being an explorer who is constantly searching for the something creative and appealing, be it believing in my own aesthetic sense. I believe in my father's artwork that he has been doing for years as an artist from well known art school in India (JJ school of art) and years and I have been seeing for years and years. I believe in Sri's photography art which is showcased on my shop, I believe in all artists associated with my shop. I believe in all the business suggestions given by my husband and endless thought process gone into making creations-the art shop where it is now.

At the same time in order to attain better growth and also after careful observation of online offline market in terms of prices, I have finally decided to make some increases to the pricing, depending on the item to item. Hope this justifies price increase enough and I assure you that prices would still be reasonable and you will continue to provide us business and help us grow. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Exclusive Ganesha Painting Reprints Set of 6

I created this collage to represent the set of 6 reprints of original paintings from my shop, and made available to buyers as a package. I used collage feature of Picassa tool for the first time and it was fun indeed. The actual set will be that of 6 reprints each for one of the painting shown in the collage. Here is the link to the listing:

An excellent home decor, wall decor of gifting artwork. Each print will be signed by my father, the artist before we ship your order. Happy browsing, shopping from my shop.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Feedbacks that boost morale - etsy art shop

Recently I had a sale on my online art shop, Creations-The Art Shop. It is Buddha in meditation, an abstract artwork, totally beautiful and very simple, created by my dad. Here is the link to original artwork

I sincerely appreciate all the buyer feedbacks that boost my morale to do better. Here is the one by etsy user 'lavern1516' at

I have reprints (reproductions) of the same artwork available on the online shop. Happy shopping and exploring.