Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sydney Opera House On My Mind...

Even after visiting this lively place for several sevaral times, I am unsatisfied, there is always some new thing to see, some new photograph to be taken, there is some new thing to be enjoyed, and well last but not the least some new shopping to be done :-)

The moment one gets off the Citirail train at Circular Queue station located in the heart of the Sydney CBD, the wind from Opera House can be felt, fresh breeze with lots of wharfs around waiting for the cruises and ferries to depart or arrive, make the walk to Opera House a refreshing start. In about 10 minutes you reach the world famous Opera House, an architectural masterpiece and home for world famous performing arts. You see it at different times of the day, you get different perspectives of this beautiful work.

The photograph I have displayed in this blog, is one of the vintage or classic style colored and yes, it is just one view of the lotus leaves that make Opera House, THE Opera House.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Folk art as what it means to me

To me it is just simple and beautiful form of art, or rather simple and hence beautiful form of art. Be it from anywhere across the world, folk art cherishes simple things, simple joys that life brings to us, such as countryside, nature, love, friendship, freedom, cheerfulness, animals, villages, children, especially human beings are in simplified form from what I have seen. What I mean by this is, human beings may not carry ALL the expressions or all the body parts, but just some strokes that depict the forms. Still they carry unbelievably strong messages.

Like what my father portreyed in this picture (original painting)

it depicts simple scene where in the girl is setting this bird free. I love it for its simplicity, I am sure you also will.

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Thanks for reading my blog post.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

On world environment day

Today is WED (world environment day) and I am wondering what I have done for saving the world and environment. I myself have stopped using plastic bags, I use cotton bags instead as much as I can. I do walk and see if drive is really necessary. I have myself platted a few trees. But yes that is not enough at all. I have done my bits only, just that I want to remind myself of some of my commitments towards the initiatives for world environment saving and preserving. I would like to display through this blog post, this beautiful artwork my father created, which is named "Go Green". Save forests, save trees, avoid using materials that are harmful to environment such as plastic, support recycling efforts. By the way that reminds me, I do use recycled material made envelopes for my shipments of my art shop orders. So not too bad..See the beautiful work by my dad in the meantime, at

and the image is also attached herewith.