Saturday, July 23, 2011

Volcano - Abstract Large Canvas Painting

Here is the first painting listed for artist Raghuvir Kulkarni (read previous blog post for his professional details ) and it's stunning in my opinion. I am sure the shoppers and viewers will like it for the triangular shaped theme it is based on, plus beutiful set of colors that would do so well as abstract artwork. Please check the artwork picture here...

And the details of the listing here at ..


Artist's corner for Raghuvir Kulkarni

I am really pleased to introduce you to our new artist, Raghuvir Kulkarni who has have extremely high range of experience in creative field. He has completed studies in art from very prestiged art institute J.J. school of art, Mumbai, way back in 1975. He has vast range of experience working or art agencies, has also worked in the capacity of creative director, cine director, playrights, cartoonist, writer and poet and last but not the least artist who paints with brilliant concepts, be it on canvas, paper, be it for murals, for large walls...whatever I write in this blog post will still be limited by all means. And I think his works on my art shop will speak for itself, we also accept custom orders with specific requirements.

Just a small highlight on his career as gifted artist-

- Has worked with corporate customers for his paintings and mural work, within India and for a few internationally.
- Has worked as cine director for full length film in Hindi titled Mohare, with well-known Indian movie actors - Nana Patekar, Madhuri Dixit and Anupam Kher.
- Had worked as creative director for Videocon for some time during career.
- Had written full length plays in Marathi
- Has participated in the international comic strip festival held in Siere, Switzerland 1987.

Along with me, please look forward to stop by and shop by my shop for his innovative art-works, be it abstract paintings, be it based on concepts such as set of paintings for film production and many many more.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Remembering my father- with this Energy Symbol Om (Aum) Original Painting

It is just a few months father, you have left this wordly world and while I do list his beautiful paintings with fond remembrance, I do miss him a lot. This energy symbol painted by dad indeed depicts endless cosmic energy, that just flows from one form into another and never really gets destroyed. Several meditation practises suggest the practitioners to focus on something peaceful, a symbol or an image in mind. This om (aum) symbol does provide such a 'object' for meditation session. Of course as all our works are, it's a vibrant home decor, wall art work. Check more details at my shop

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happening Sydney Opera House

In this photography work, I have tried to maximize the crystal clear beautiful Sydney Opera House, on one of those bright and sunny days, with blue skies and equally beautiful blue ocean surrounding the world famous landmark structure. I loved the walk along, as I mentioned in my previous post, and also the lively cafes nearby and the delight on people's faces as they see this landscape and immerse themselves into it. Well needless to say, the performance inside are also equally stunning. I watched sitar concert by world famous Anoushka Sharma, in the main concert hall of the Opera House. It was an experience. Hope u will enjoy this photograph as part of my urban photography series-