Sunday, February 7, 2010

Photography Prints of My Artworks

Realized that many of the photographs I hadtaken at different places, are good artworks in first place. Hence have started listing those on the etsy shop. So far have got a positive feedback from my friends. Well a few of my photography artworks have been sold on as well. Also one of my friends who is very passionate about photography has approached me, for listing his artwork. We are planning to have a meeting very soon. I hope he brings in a great collection for Creations-The Art Shop's photography collection. More about my friend and our meeting soon..I am eager to grow this product line of my shop over the time. Isnt the world of art so unlimited and full of creativity?

Online Etsy Shop Anniversary

It's approaching soon, on 11th Feb. And I have made myself a photography artwork print as a gift for all my existing buyers, who made difference. Have announced a sale of 10% as well and to all my new buyers joining in the anniv period, I will be shipping them as well the same gift. By now all of the gifts to existing buyers are sent out and am eager to hear their feedback.