Monday, February 20, 2012

Helen Homes- My valued buyer talks about her best friend Lord Ganesh

I recently got opportunity to interact with Helen, my sweet buyer from etsy shop, and she expessed that lord Ganesh is her best friend. She kindly wrote to me about this bit of a story as to how the friendship happened. Read on-

Ganesh is my best friend. I knew about him and Hinduism on a superficial level but last year my nephew had the good sense to marry ayoung lady from Mauritius whose background was Hindu.

She really is a special woman and I remember saying to her when I met her for the first time that "I loved her elephant."

After reading away and participating in their Hindu wedding ceremony I found I was becoming very attached to Ganesh and his story is so filled with wonder that he will be my friend forever. And he does listen ...and does remove obstacles.