Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Artist's corner- Shilpa Mehta

At Creations- The Art Shop, we are a small cohesive team with artistic interests and I would like to introduce you to Shilpa Mehta, who in her own words describes herself as -

"I'm a freelance artist. I've developed this very skill during school days. I chose engineering as my career option. Have been doing great in this field but, missed the creative work done during school time. As I realized my passion, I started working as a freelance artist. I believe life is a canvas and emotions are the paint. In the very light I paint what my heart says.

I admire Indian beauty and culture. My paintings are inspired by religion, traditions and nature. You will see mercy of god, emotions of women, beauty of nature simply made using different techniques of art. Looking for appreciation and suggestion".

I see unique extravaganza of colors and figures and features in her art.