Wednesday, May 29, 2013

100th Sale on the Art Shop and an artwork image sale subsequently :-)

It has been a long wait, as they say before a great joy of 100th sale. I will inform you all about the customer and her own joys in her own words very soon. In the meantime, I really feel that my father is getting to live beyond his lifetime via the energy being passed on from one thing to other, from his soul to his artworks and through his artworks to the buyers that deeply connect with his artwork.

As part of celebration of this 100th sale, I shipped the artwork via courier and not regular post at my own expenses. Hopefully buyer C H Howell has by now received it or is soon to get it much earlier than expected.

I am also getting to improve my shipping options further depending upon the type of artwork whether it is canvas or paper based or something else. The type of artwork will decide the best suggested shipping option from my side. Of course buyer can override it if for e.g. it gets too expense for him or her to pay courier charges and is ok with regular post which is more time taking plus at the risk of - for paper based artworks- being not handled 100% carefully by regular post option. Of course from my side the shipping quality will be equal in both cases, regular as well as courier, just that each mode offers different pros and cons.

Lastly, there has been 101 th sale as well which was a sale of downloadable image of the artwork by a yoga institute owner, Mary Bruce, in the US. She has used it for her website and I am thrilled about it She has also given due credits to the artist - Chintaman Rudra- my father and my artshop.