Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Recent offline sale of original watercolor nature paintings - framed custom

Well, online sale is something and offline or in person sale is unique as well. Recently my friend Ashish asked whether I have any of father's nature paintings left in stock. He is special liking for nature and landscape paintings and post his home coloring project his next task at hand was to start working on beautifying the walls with paintings of his choice.

I indeed had couple of antique looking (handmade paper based) and old styled water color based landscape paintings with two figures in each. In one, there are two children and in other there is a couple. Both are by sea side, with beautiful setup and light colors.

I got them matted for him and also framed as per his choice, and finally the order was completed, I had great joy within me, that my father's paintings are now on their way to my friend's place and will be cherished forever there.

I am attaching the pictures herewith.

Well, offline sales are interesting too, hope more continues from within India. I have a great stock, contact if interested in seeing and /or ordering.