Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy After Long Time

Well, there are some touching moments, as one follows his or her creative pursuits. I just thought of sharing with you, a small moment of joys as I list new photography artworks by friend of mine- Sri. I do know, for past 13 years while we have been friends, that it has been his dream to do become professional photographer. And his style of work motivates me as well do work hard towards betterment of my online etsy shop. When I shared with him the links from this blog and his artwork listings on my shop, he replied with following sentences- " I am happy after long time" and "I feel I am doing something useful". Well even I have been happy to put forward to you all, his works, created with yet another passion for art.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Customer Feedback Photo

I just received customer appreciation photo from my customer 'etsy user name- sunchaser8'. She has sent me the framed painting photograph of the original painting she purchased from my etsy shop. It's my dad lord Ganesh painting. My wonderful buyer, Laura has got it beutifully framed as well. I am delighted to share with you the framed painting photograph, as attached.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Artist's Corner- Sriraman C R

Dear Readers, please extend warm welcome to my buddy Sriraman (short name- Sri , as seen in the photograph) who is joining my etsy shop - Creations-The Art Shop as freelance artist, in a mutually benefitial partnership. I could have written a lot about him as an artist, all I can say is his photography work amazes me. And I hope it will continue to amaze you as well. I am so delighted to start listing his artworks on Creations- The Art Shop (my etsy shop ). Watch out, for his photography work is getting listed soon...

More about Sri, in his own words..Read on.
"Everyone is an artist in some way or the other. Only the degree varies. Some are born artists, some develop it during their lifetime and there are some who have an artistic instinct.
I probably fit in the last category where I purely go by my instincts to create artworks and my passion for photography allows me to do this.

It was my schooling years in Kolkata, India, when I used to watch keenly a family photographer friend of ours take photos of functions and that got me interested in photography from my early age. But I had to wait for a long time after that before I could own a camera and start clicking. And I had to wait a few more years after that, before I fell in love with the SLRs and now the digital ones.
I am the happiest when I am clicking and always strive to get that 'perfect shot' in whatever subject I shoot. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't and that's what I love about this art. To sum it up, photography and I are inseparable. "

Monday, March 1, 2010

Globe Trotting of This Lord Ganesh

Well this little original painting, with beautiful dark blue framing (not seen in the photograph, framing was a custom order) is a globe trotter in its own way. Well, friend of mine- Amol, purchased it almost an year ago ( ))when I was in Sydney and he was in the US. He got it delivered to his Pune/India residence. Now that he has been back in Pune, he has basically gifted this Lord Ganesh/Ganesha painting to his cousin- Sanjeev, as he was on his India vacation, who teaches atPrinceton University. Looks like the blue frame and the blue elephant has indeed crossed the continents and blue oceans to find its final destination which a great office space like Princeton University. This particular lord of wisdom has decided to live in this cheerful ambiance filled with great education. Wonderful journey isn't? Sometimes I wonder whether these muted works also do have their own 'lives'? Perhaps yes :-)