Monday, March 1, 2010

Globe Trotting of This Lord Ganesh

Well this little original painting, with beautiful dark blue framing (not seen in the photograph, framing was a custom order) is a globe trotter in its own way. Well, friend of mine- Amol, purchased it almost an year ago ( ))when I was in Sydney and he was in the US. He got it delivered to his Pune/India residence. Now that he has been back in Pune, he has basically gifted this Lord Ganesh/Ganesha painting to his cousin- Sanjeev, as he was on his India vacation, who teaches atPrinceton University. Looks like the blue frame and the blue elephant has indeed crossed the continents and blue oceans to find its final destination which a great office space like Princeton University. This particular lord of wisdom has decided to live in this cheerful ambiance filled with great education. Wonderful journey isn't? Sometimes I wonder whether these muted works also do have their own 'lives'? Perhaps yes :-)

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