Friday, February 12, 2016

One of the bestseller artworks

I have to apologize to my readers for long delay in resuming on this blog of mine. During all this while, it was not that I was away from artworks, paintings, photography, writing, admiring and spreading original and beautiful art that touches my soul. I was in tune with it all. It was just that I was not writing regularly. Maybe some of my artistic and creative processes had got a little stalled for a while.

All this while I did work on keeping my etsy shop as much active as I can.Taking care of sporadic sales and inquiries. However simultaneously I also created online gallery on . It has got all of the earlier set of artworks by my father and my friends, plus several new ones with different other custom products. Hope you all will like it.

Surprisingly this online gallery of mine saw numerous sales of single painting of my father.

It is just a beautiful rendition of its own. I wonder what it is that makes it so unique. Perhaps my father had put in the energy in it that several buyers saw uniquely and beautifully.

I am hoping to write more of about the artworks from my gallery over the time. Stay tuned. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

100th Sale on the Art Shop and an artwork image sale subsequently :-)

It has been a long wait, as they say before a great joy of 100th sale. I will inform you all about the customer and her own joys in her own words very soon. In the meantime, I really feel that my father is getting to live beyond his lifetime via the energy being passed on from one thing to other, from his soul to his artworks and through his artworks to the buyers that deeply connect with his artwork.

As part of celebration of this 100th sale, I shipped the artwork via courier and not regular post at my own expenses. Hopefully buyer C H Howell has by now received it or is soon to get it much earlier than expected.

I am also getting to improve my shipping options further depending upon the type of artwork whether it is canvas or paper based or something else. The type of artwork will decide the best suggested shipping option from my side. Of course buyer can override it if for e.g. it gets too expense for him or her to pay courier charges and is ok with regular post which is more time taking plus at the risk of - for paper based artworks- being not handled 100% carefully by regular post option. Of course from my side the shipping quality will be equal in both cases, regular as well as courier, just that each mode offers different pros and cons.

Lastly, there has been 101 th sale as well which was a sale of downloadable image of the artwork by a yoga institute owner, Mary Bruce, in the US. She has used it for her website and I am thrilled about it She has also given due credits to the artist - Chintaman Rudra- my father and my artshop. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Helen Homes- My valued buyer talks about her best friend Lord Ganesh

I recently got opportunity to interact with Helen, my sweet buyer from etsy shop, and she expessed that lord Ganesh is her best friend. She kindly wrote to me about this bit of a story as to how the friendship happened. Read on-

Ganesh is my best friend. I knew about him and Hinduism on a superficial level but last year my nephew had the good sense to marry ayoung lady from Mauritius whose background was Hindu.

She really is a special woman and I remember saying to her when I met her for the first time that "I loved her elephant."

After reading away and participating in their Hindu wedding ceremony I found I was becoming very attached to Ganesh and his story is so filled with wonder that he will be my friend forever. And he does listen ...and does remove obstacles.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Delighted with great customer feedbacks

Time and again, it boils down to customer feedback, how happy customers are with your product, quality, service and overall business experience when it comes to any business. I am delighted that my little online shop continues to make sales and receive cool customer feedbacks as you can see from here-

I myself am grateful to all my buyers who took time out to provide feeback, and also to all my buyers who are happy with my shop and somehow havent been in a position to find time for themselves due to busy schedules. As long as the experience is worth remembering for them, I am happy.

Great customer feedback always doesnt mean all went well only during the transaction, perhaps in some rare cases, shipping got delayed, customer had some additional queries to the process ..but they were handled well, and in the end outcome was good and customers felt it was money worth spent.

Thanks again to all my buyers..for those who are new to my shop, I have unique collection of handmade artworks, folk art, original paintings are reproductions and some handmade supply artworks also. I ship worldwide from within India. I also have framed artworks as well.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Recent offline sale of original watercolor nature paintings - framed custom

Well, online sale is something and offline or in person sale is unique as well. Recently my friend Ashish asked whether I have any of father's nature paintings left in stock. He is special liking for nature and landscape paintings and post his home coloring project his next task at hand was to start working on beautifying the walls with paintings of his choice.

I indeed had couple of antique looking (handmade paper based) and old styled water color based landscape paintings with two figures in each. In one, there are two children and in other there is a couple. Both are by sea side, with beautiful setup and light colors.

I got them matted for him and also framed as per his choice, and finally the order was completed, I had great joy within me, that my father's paintings are now on their way to my friend's place and will be cherished forever there.

I am attaching the pictures herewith.

Well, offline sales are interesting too, hope more continues from within India. I have a great stock, contact if interested in seeing and /or ordering.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Artist's corner- Shilpa Mehta

At Creations- The Art Shop, we are a small cohesive team with artistic interests and I would like to introduce you to Shilpa Mehta, who in her own words describes herself as -

"I'm a freelance artist. I've developed this very skill during school days. I chose engineering as my career option. Have been doing great in this field but, missed the creative work done during school time. As I realized my passion, I started working as a freelance artist. I believe life is a canvas and emotions are the paint. In the very light I paint what my heart says.

I admire Indian beauty and culture. My paintings are inspired by religion, traditions and nature. You will see mercy of god, emotions of women, beauty of nature simply made using different techniques of art. Looking for appreciation and suggestion".

I see unique extravaganza of colors and figures and features in her art.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Ganesh (Ganesha) Chaturthi , Elephant God Festival Celebration in India and across the world

With upcoming festival of lord of wisdom, our dear elephant god, Ganesha whom several people across the world worship and admire for its virtues, let me wish you all happy festive times. My father particularly had such a strong hold and fine brush with Ganesha paintings. Of course he did several other arts as well, such as other folk art paintings, nature paintings, abstract, at the same time I think Ganesha paintings were so nature of him.

In his abscence, I am part of close team of artists who paint in their own great style and we have several new works. Hope the watchers and shoppers of my shop will love those as well. Visit Lod Ganesha section of my artshop at or follow the shop link on the right side of this blog.