Monday, November 16, 2009

Me and Etsy

Well I started my etsy shop in Feb 09. It has been 10 months by now and time flies so fast. Looking back in time, I realize that I have indeed come a long way. Learned so much from so many etsians in some way or the other and I have grown on creative as well as business path. Originally started with just the idea of giving a platform for my father's paintings from his exhibition in Sydney, now I myself have fallen in love with handmade artifacts, arts and crafts, as well as supplies for making those things. And I am glad to see Etsy supports all of these. Not that I did not love handmade arts and crafts earlier, however I must say my passion for arts and crafts is regenerated. With help of my father, by now I am looking at providing painting-PRINTS at lower costs than original ones, I am also looking at providing beautiful and exciting supplies for art and craft projects. I have also re-learned few things about "making" creations as well. Couldn't have been happier. Must say, I thank all my buyers, people who have added me as favourites, etsians who have helped me with shop improvements and suggestions. I also thank my friend from the US, Taru for introducing me to etsy in first place. Well I want to grow my online shop for sure, while making the customer happy through simple little ways, and I am ready to research further on providing new exciting product lines, better customer support and well priced items as always. Stay tuned at "Creations- The Art Shop".

Monday, November 9, 2009

Introducing Dashing Miniature Lord Ganesha

I am very excited to introduce this new series of miniature clay made Lord Ganesha. Have a look for yourself at the following link:

I am hereby attaching the image as well of the new listing on ths shop. I can imagine variety of uses of this little wonder. You can use it in art and craft items such as 3 D paintings, you can use it in home usage art/crafts such as traditional wall hangings. You can get it framed just like that as well. Or if you have spiritual belief in lord Ganesh (Ganesha), you can also carry it in your purse or bag. Finally you can use it for gifting your loved ones. This supply item can really be used in many creations that you heart seeks to make.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I am learning too

This is the first time I am writing about my own creations..Well regards creating- I do have enjoyed creating things all the time and now I have formally started learning painting, two of my paintings are ready. Both are Warli paintings, one is on hardboard and other is on wood. Both are colored and the hardboard one has got decorative mirros pieces as well. I used acrylic colors and for the wooden painting I used acrylic tube (3 D) colors. I will update this post with the pictures soon. The activity was fun indeed.