Monday, November 16, 2009

Me and Etsy

Well I started my etsy shop in Feb 09. It has been 10 months by now and time flies so fast. Looking back in time, I realize that I have indeed come a long way. Learned so much from so many etsians in some way or the other and I have grown on creative as well as business path. Originally started with just the idea of giving a platform for my father's paintings from his exhibition in Sydney, now I myself have fallen in love with handmade artifacts, arts and crafts, as well as supplies for making those things. And I am glad to see Etsy supports all of these. Not that I did not love handmade arts and crafts earlier, however I must say my passion for arts and crafts is regenerated. With help of my father, by now I am looking at providing painting-PRINTS at lower costs than original ones, I am also looking at providing beautiful and exciting supplies for art and craft projects. I have also re-learned few things about "making" creations as well. Couldn't have been happier. Must say, I thank all my buyers, people who have added me as favourites, etsians who have helped me with shop improvements and suggestions. I also thank my friend from the US, Taru for introducing me to etsy in first place. Well I want to grow my online shop for sure, while making the customer happy through simple little ways, and I am ready to research further on providing new exciting product lines, better customer support and well priced items as always. Stay tuned at "Creations- The Art Shop".

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