Sunday, January 3, 2010

Experimentation With Prints

I had been thinking of doing this for long time and finally managed to do it, thanks to dad for his knowledge, help and right references. Now that our etsy shop is picking up and paintings being liked and loved, we got some select paintings printed and thus reproduced. The reproduction was done on canvas and a good scan quality is very essential. The printing press we know of (that my dad has already worked with) helped us greatly and this small project was thus successful. The idea behind this experimentation is to be able to re-create the artwork and be able to make it available to the buyers at lower costs (Original and print will always defer in pricing). We will see to it that our buyers also see prints in future and be able to purchase those at more attractive prices. Well they say - if you yourself use what you sell, then you are truly committed to what you are selling. Well, I got these prints framed and now I will be able to decor my own home with these greatly framed dad's prints. I have also got one of my dad's large size original paintings framed for my own home (thereby deleting it from etsy shop ...). Three cheers.

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