Monday, October 19, 2009

Listed On Etsy Treasury For The Second Time

Well second time getting listed on etsy treasury is again a thrill. This time I am more prepared about it. This is the item (painting) that got listed in treasury :
Perhaps if the treasury listing is still active, you would be able to see it at

If you cant visit this link, no worries. Let me explain a bit. A very sweet etsy user and shop owner Caron (aka shop name: BeadSire) loved my shop and picked up the given painting ( which is based on energy chakras) for her latest treasury which is a series on the 7 chakras. Glad she liked my shop (and of course my great father's painting). Thanks so much to her. Father and everyone at home is excited too.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Listed On Etsy Treasury For The First Time

Very are happy to announce that our painting was selected for Treasury on etsy (by member: FlashForward). It was a day of dance indeed for us. At first I was confused as to what it means to be listed there. Perhaps I had not researched etsy on that front much. Basically it's member curated gallery of etsy. This particular item is indeed a very refreshing dancing scene of Warli people. My father was excited too to hear this. The next day 4 of our paintings for sold as well. All this is making me feel so fulfilled with joy and sense of responsibility that I am required to do better work on my etsy shop and in general to promote our art in the world of art-lovers. Thanks for all the love and support.