Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Folk art as what it means to me

To me it is just simple and beautiful form of art, or rather simple and hence beautiful form of art. Be it from anywhere across the world, folk art cherishes simple things, simple joys that life brings to us, such as countryside, nature, love, friendship, freedom, cheerfulness, animals, villages, children, especially human beings are in simplified form from what I have seen. What I mean by this is, human beings may not carry ALL the expressions or all the body parts, but just some strokes that depict the forms. Still they carry unbelievably strong messages.

Like what my father portreyed in this picture (original painting)

it depicts simple scene where in the girl is setting this bird free. I love it for its simplicity, I am sure you also will.

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  1. Several lovely works shown. I so agree that folk art says so much with a minimum of fussiness. Hope you are enjoying your summer! Jo