Sunday, June 5, 2011

On world environment day

Today is WED (world environment day) and I am wondering what I have done for saving the world and environment. I myself have stopped using plastic bags, I use cotton bags instead as much as I can. I do walk and see if drive is really necessary. I have myself platted a few trees. But yes that is not enough at all. I have done my bits only, just that I want to remind myself of some of my commitments towards the initiatives for world environment saving and preserving. I would like to display through this blog post, this beautiful artwork my father created, which is named "Go Green". Save forests, save trees, avoid using materials that are harmful to environment such as plastic, support recycling efforts. By the way that reminds me, I do use recycled material made envelopes for my shipments of my art shop orders. So not too bad..See the beautiful work by my dad in the meantime, at

and the image is also attached herewith.

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