Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy to be part of Photographers of Etsy - POE Team

With several of fine art photographs from my shop selected as part of etsy treasuries, I decided it's time to be part of this wonderful group and gladly I am accepted there and it's such an exciting group. People with true passion of photography, discussing and helping each other grow the passion further and improve upon as a team. I myself have in my shop by now, a great set of photo works which can be enlarged to a very good extent as custom request. I have kept generally a standard size 8 x 10 for all the works by default. I am also fond of several other photographers of etsy here that have been into photography for indeed long and have improvised their skills very well. I myself have been fond of photography as such since childhood. In those days it was all analog (non digital) and one would be watchful of expenses incurred on the photos as they are turned colored from their negatives. I also remember all my childhood photographs (thousands of them) which were taken by my father who himself was artist. I think I still love black and white at the core of my heart, at the same time colors have such a huge role to play in our lives. It is just that black and white photographs (I do have a few of them so far and many others to be added) look antique and they have vintage value. Plus I am sure, like I am fond of black and white as well in the world of colors, there are several art collectors as well who are indeed focussing only on black and white works. So with that let me take time to remember my father who first taught me photography through his actions and his passion, through the work he has created since my childhood (and I know his first camera costed him Rs 150 that is ~3 USD by now) and he helped me develop an eye for art and photography, a gift to be cherished forever.

At the moment, I have listed some of my most treasured works, Himalaya and Kashmir landscape and around photographs for sale. Check those at


I will write more about my Kashmir trip (done in 2006) very soon. Check more photo works on my shop http://creations1000.etsy.com/ . More new arrivals soon.

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