Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our shooting Star and Artist's corner for Vivek Kulkarni

While the internet space occupied by my father on this blog and art shop still remains, my father physically has transformed himself back into the universe where he came from, like a shooting star..He is in a whole new world now, he has gone so far that he cant come back to where he used to be..Like lyric'ed in the song "The whole new world", he perhaps says now, to us, that he is reaching unbelievable heights, seeing unbelievable sights, with indescribable feeling, through an endless diamond sky.

Let's start a brand new story now...with tributes from all of us, with my cousin Vivek Kulkarni, for whom my father was art inspiration himself, joining Creations-The Art Shop with vigour and energy that my father will see somewhere around the corner.

About Vivek, in his own words-

Is born with paint and brush
Illustrator of versatality from Pencil to Mouse and beyond
Gold medalist from JJ School of Art, Mumbai - where my father also studied from
Art director for more than 16 years
Travelled acros the world
Creativity is passion
And all I can say is all of that is true. Welcome aboard.

It's only words and words are all I have at the moment to take everything ahead. And at least with the words I choose to use, dealth is also beautiful.


  1. homage to dear father was really touching.As they say in theatre--show must go on--it is continuity with change! best of luck
    Niranjan Sohoni

  2. Your father was a very graceful and genuinely nice person in all his manners. I have experienced that in person. His creativity and art remains forever with me in the form of his paintings that I bought. I will miss him too.

  3. A lovely way to think of your father's passing. An artistic tribute to him and his work. Blessings as you move forward, along with your cousin Vivek and continue to fill the shop with works of creation. Namaste!

  4. Dear all,

    Thanks for taking time to read this post and for your suppotive comments.