Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How was the exhibition?

In the month of September '08, when father was here in Sydney, I had started wondering what if I put up an exhibition of father's paintings, drawn during his trip. My husband gave many ideas on overall how the paintings should be in order to be exhibitable. I thought of few ideas on where to exhibit, either at my place or at Padhye's residence or at one of the council halls nearby. Our close buddies Rashmi and Rajesh Padhye had happily offered their residence to be used for exhibition purposes. I just kept thinking until it final struck me that father's date of return will be approaching soon. Since invitations had to go out ahead of time, I checked with Rashmi again, and she asserted and said - "Don't worry, we can defnitelty do the exhibition at our residence". Then many activties started at fast track- creating invites, planning for snacks, arranging for the bluetak, categorising the paintings, numbering them and what not.

The day arrived, 26th Oct '08. We all at home and at Padhye's residence finally managed the show. Many guests came in, apprecaited our efforts. We had not kept sale as our objective of the exhibition, still a few sales occured which was welcoming. In retrospect, we could have planned better, created more large size paintings (than smaller size) considering the audience requirements. At the same time, we did best of ourselves. Rajesh did a bit of video shoots with his new camcoder and the memories will now remain with us forever.

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  1. Way to go, Swati! Keep up the efforts! Your dad's art work is fabulous!!