Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Price Tag: How much?

Well you would also want to know how we have been deciding the prices and what is going to be our pricing strategy in future? Here is how we go ...

- We do market research based on category, materials used, size of the similar paintings. We definitely do not want to overprice it!
- We analyse our supply costs, artist's time gone into it and finally but not the least we rank 'creative value' gone into it. Now it's quite an intangible value, so we do our best to quantify it rationally.
- We also provide bulk purchase discounts.
- Quality of materials used is also another parameter, for example - all papers may look the same. However if the we have used high quality paper then the price tag would reflect that reasonably.
- Shipping and handling costs are also optimised for regular mailing options, parcel size and delicacy. Bulk purchases often help reduce shipping costs.

The goal is to provide our buyers the best value for money they are paying.

That's it for now..will continue to add on to this post as we evolve with betterment in our pricing strategy.

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