Thursday, March 26, 2009

What is there in name? Creations..

As I get more and more insight into human nature, I realiase that all these human minds and after seeking creations, creating creations and thus growing. What is one of the greatest pursuits of human lives..guess it's to continue to create. And the scope of this phrase 'to create' is so vast that it encomasses almost every area of our lives- creating houses, creating great food, creating artistic artifacts, creating work, creating pottery, creating 'thoughtlessness', creating photographs, creating music, creating silence, creating toys and creating friendships..What is the difference between making and creating then? Taking a closer look at these, creations involve passion whereas making is more process oriented. I want our work to depict the force of passion, hence the name Creations. I can always technically "make" food, but the food created with passion is "felt" for sure.

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