Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Special Precious Corner

Thanks to blogger, I finally got a small "space" on Internet where I can write about me, in the context of "Creations" - my big/small venture. I mean it's small right now, and I dream of making something big out it, not just for monetary reasons but also in terms of touching people's lives, giving them little joy through our collection, helping them make their gifts to loved ones stand special. I am glad to be from the family of family and friends who are equally (in fact even more) addicted to art as me.

Well, basically I am a computer engineer by education, always enjoyed logic, engineering drawing, boolean algebra and gates. Human mind and its amazing power always fascinates me. Excellence is my pursuit. I am certified NLP Practitioner. My experience as Business Analyst and as Business Process Management consultant helped me learn business aspects in their own rights. This is the first time through "Creations" I am applying those for myself though. It's fun and at the same time it's a challenge. There is nobody like "they" now who doesn't do things right. Nevertheless it's an interesting journey I must say- writing my experiences, working on promotions at etsy, listing the products, describing them from buyer's perspective, taking photographs of the products and last but not the least- to see orders and to strive to provide best value for money to my customers.

When I first thought of setting up an art shop? Well, I will have to go back into the timeline and make a transderivational search :-) My father attended an exhibition on Warli paintings (alias: Varli, folk or aboriginal art, from Indian tribal areas). I was excited to discover this new form of art. I was intrigued by seeing those precise little characters working in their villages, dancing, celebrating. They didnt have "real faces" and at the same time they were so representative of human life. I drew a few myself, well I had given certain well recognized drawing exams during schooling and I did enjoy preparing and learning for those. Since then amongst all forms of art, Warli paintings became my "top favourite" ones. And then I believe they have universal aesthetic appeal too.

So it all started with Warlis and now I am here, still interested in taking father's art (and possibly many artists work) ahead for its apt recognition worldwide. Our scope now is not only limited to Warli though.

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