Friday, December 10, 2010

How To Maximize Benefits of Yoga - 1

As I revise my learnings in Yoga, and also introduce Om and Yoga series on my etsy shop, let me start adding few things on this topic. When one does any Yoga posture, there could be different ways to do each step along with breathing. For e.g.

Option A: One may do more number of yoga postures in certain time interval
Option B: One may do a certain posture for longer duration, thus total number of repeats in a given time interval being lesser than in option A.

So which one is better? Option B. In this quality matters most, doing each yoga exercise with quality, holding for longer time gives better results and most benefits of the same.

All in during the time, one needs to continue normal breathing.

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  1. I learned from my teacher, years ago, that form is much more important. Sinking farther with a curved spine isn't as good as stretching to a level farther from the floor, but with a straight spine.

    I do miss being able to do yoga since my surgery 10 years ago. namaste!