Friday, April 9, 2010

Rural India - A new fine art photograph

Rural India always fascinated me as a subject for photography. Hence I wouldnt let go of any opportunity to picture colors of it since I visit such places less frequently. This new photography subject is something that makes me think of lives of the women and girl children from these places. The place I had been to was almost cut off from the "developed" lands, the road connectivity being poor. The land is super-rich and the soil full of mother-earth though. There is definite water shortage though. Tribals do walk down all the way to fetch a "penny" of water. The women and girls do join in their team-work which perhaps motivates them to do this pain-staking job. I was amazed by the smiles and calmness on their faces though, their enthusiasm was commendable and last but not the least- their eagerness to get photographed. This photography made my day :-) For more details on this photography, do visit my etsy shop page

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